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At SoulUnion Sanctuary, guided by a certified master breathwork facilitator, we open the doors to a world where the ancient art of breathwork illuminates the path to your innermost being.

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to guide you into a sacred space crafted with deep passion, where the transformative power of breathwork peels away layers of generational trauma, heals emotional wounds, and aligns you with your luminous essence.

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Eve M.

Victoria is the real deal. I have done breathwork sessions with lots of different facilitators and shei is one of the best. Her energy is strong and her skills are profound. It is clear that she is living her souls work and it comes through in her powerful sessions. I feel safe to see, feel, and experience in her expertly crafted sessions. I have recommended her session to all of my friends who are ready for a powerful journey.

Jane B.

I redid the Breathwork session this morning and it was such a precious hour with you. You are putting amazing magic in the World. Thank you for what you share and create with/for us in these powerful Breathwork experiences.

Simone E.

I cannot thank you enough Victoria!!! I knew I needed something, I just didn't know what or how badly I needed it. I was just telling my fiance' recently how I've never had anxiety in my life before and I've had awful anxiety recently. I feel so much more centered and at peace after Breathwork.