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[[Disclaimer: By subscribing to the SoulUnion Sanctuary monthly membership, you acknowledge and agree to our terms. While you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, we remind you that each month's payment is final and non-refundable once billed. Victoria Starr, through this platform, provides guidance and support to foster your healing journey. However, individual success varies and depends on your personal engagement and application of the practices. This membership serves as a complement to, but not a replacement for, professional medical or therapeutic advice. Please consult with a healthcare provider for personalized care. Subscribing signifies your understanding and acceptance of these terms, inviting you to a transformative path of empowerment and growth.]]

SoulUnion Sanctuary

Embrace Monthly Renewal with SoulUnion Sanctuary.

Step Into Your Monthly Healing Circle

Welcome to a continuous stream of transformation and inner peace with my flexible monthly SoulUnion Sanctuary membership.

Perfect for those who wish to embrace their healing journey one breath at a time, with the freedom to renew each month.

  • Unlimited Access: Dive into a vast library of pre-recorded breathwork sessions, each a gateway to deeper self-awareness and spiritual awakening, accessible whenever your heart seeks guidance.
  • New Monthly Journeys: Every month, anticipate the arrival of 2 new, meticulously curated breathwork sessions, each designed to further your journey of self-discovery and holistic healing.
  • Expert Guidance: With me, a certified master breathwork facilitator, at your side, you're assured of a journey through sacred, safe spaces, each session enriched with a specially crafted playlist, empowering affirmations, and techniques for somatic release, guiding you to profound shifts along your path.

My Heartfelt Commitment to You:

SoulUnion Sanctuary is more than just a membership; it's the embodiment of my journey and expertise, brought together to guide you through a passage of deep healing and rediscovery.

  • Sacred Space Holder: I vow to create and maintain a sanctuary where you can explore and heal without judgment, a place for true growth and transformation.
  • Empathetic Guide with Mastery: Leveraging the insights from my own path and the wisdom from guiding hundreds, I commit to leading you with empathy, expertise, and a deep understanding of the breathwork art form.
  • Curator of Healing Experiences: Every aspect of your journey, from each session and playlist to the practices we engage in, is thoughtfully crafted to honor and support your unique path to alignment, healing, and awakening.

Flexibility for Your Journey:

Understanding the ebb and flow of life, this membership is designed for flexibility. You have the power to renew monthly, and should your journey take a new direction, you can cancel anytime, ensuring this journey aligns with your current path and needs.

 *if you are pregnant or believe you might be, or if you are currently under medical or psychiatric care, consult with a healthcare provider before embarking on this breathwork journey.

Are You Ready to Begin?

The door to a life of enriched well-being, profound healing, and joyous growth stands open. Say yes to your evolution, yes to healing, and yes to the vibrant life awaiting you with each breath in the SoulUnion Sanctuary.

What People Are Saying:

Victoria is the real deal. I have done breathwork sessions with lots of different facilitators and shei is one of the best. Her energy is strong and her skills are profound. It is clear that she is living her souls work and it comes through in her powerful sessions. I feel safe to see, feel, and experience in her expertly crafted sessions. I have recommended her session to all of my friends who are ready for a powerful journey.

Eve M.

I redid the Breathwork session this morning and it was such a precious hour with you. You are putting amazing magic in the World. Thank you for what you share and create with/for us in these powerful Breathwork experiences.

Jane B

I cannot thank you enough Victoria!!! I knew I needed something, I just didn't know what or how badly I needed it. I was just telling my fiance' recently how I've never had anxiety in my life before and I've had awful anxiety recently. I feel so much more centered and at peace after Breathwork.

Simone E.