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LIBERATION: Rising from the Ashes*

CREATING THE PATH TO HEALING from Narcissistic Emotional Abuse

This 8-week self-paced Immersion is inviting you to LIBERATE your SOUL and Rise from the Ashes!
  • Gain the CLARITY to set yourself free.
  • Rebuild your inner dialogue and witness your SELF-ESTEEM blossom.
  • Connect with a loving and supportive COMMUNITY that sees you & lifts you up.
  • Create an inner dialogue of EMPOWERMENT that will be your guiding star.
  • Receive validation, affirming your WORTHINESS to live the life of your DREAMS! 
Once you join this immersion, you'll gain instant access to the first module. Each subsequent module will be released weekly over the next 8 weeks. This structured pace ensures you have ample time to integrate the powerful Breathwork practices, meditations, and Soul Work, enhancing your transformative journey.

In this powerful 8 WEEK IMMERSION you will receive:

  • 🔥 8 pre-recorded Guided coaching sessions
  • 🔥 8 pre-recorded 50 minute Breathwork journeys
  • 🔥 8 pre-Recorded guided visual meditations
  • 🔥 A Private Community of Support
  • 🔥 “Rising from the Ashes” Empowering Mindset Journaling Prompts

My Mission:

Rooted in compassion and empathy, my mission is to guide you through healing from the pain of narcissistic emotional abuse. Having walked a similar path, I understand the layers of healing and the strength it takes. Together, we'll navigate this journey one breath at a time.

My Passion:

My passion lies in creating a safe and supportive community where you can heal, rewrite your story, and rediscover the strength within you. You are not alone, and you are incredibly worthy of living the life you deserve. 

This is a safe space. Any information you share will be held in the utmost confidence. 

Your presence in this container is respected, and I will never share or disclose who's a part of this group.

*if you are pregnant or think you maybe pregnant this experience is not for you.