Join me for five divinely guided prerecorded BREATHWORK journeys for you to experience in your perfect timing.
These 30-45 minute Breathwork journeys are set with aligning intention to guide you along a musical journey to tap into the power of your breath & travel inward to experience a deeper connection to your soul.
I'm inviting you to EXPAND, uplevel your CONSCIOUSNESS, and SUPPORT your nervous system with the powers of your BREATH.
If you desire to join this gift, now is your chance to do so at the most abundant pricing. 

Five prerecorded BREATHWORK journeys for $99

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"After our session, I felt very calm, empowered, owning my body and feelings, and well put back together. This feeling last for days and I like to do breath work once 2 weeks, it's a very special moment and I am so grateful to have Victoria to guide me."

~ JB


“I only trust Victoria for doing this breath work with as she offer a safe, soothing and compassionate environment. She is an amazing person and healer, I am glad our paths cross. Couldn't recommend doing this breath work with her, enought! Thank you for sharing your magic, Vic!"

~ Jane B.