being cracked open


Throughout my twenties and thirties, I gave myself to growing a thriving career in fitness and athletics, running my own personal training studio, and helping clients stay healthy through exercise and nutrition. But deep down, I felt lost! I had a profound sense that something was missing.

Who am I?

What activates my soul?

Am I the truest version of myself?

These questions reverberated in my chest over time and slowly began to crack something open deep within my soul.


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"I loved the theme of the breathwork session, and I was able to come to terms with letting some things go in my life that I no longer need. I really loved the playlist and the mantras we loudly claimed during the session. I noticed shifts in my body to where I felt more awake and could release some anger. This session with the other women in the Zoom room inspired me and made me feel good- body and soul!"

Brytta B.

"Words that I would use to describe you and the impact you’ve had on my life...compassionate and understanding, non-judgmental, focused, approachable, adaptable. There are so many things you do well, as a coach, and as a human. What sets you apart from others is that you genuinely want people to be the best version of themselves, not by your definition but by theirs, and you are completely supportive in any way you can be to help them get there."

Darcy V.

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