Full-time Vanlife

3 part breathwork breathwork van life May 13, 2023

I am so freaking in 🤍 with the life I’ve created, living full-time in Alani 🚐.

A little over a year ago I started manifesting her. I had visions & deep visceral desires of freedom on the road.

I researched all of the elements that I wanted for this lifestyle.

I found a van builder in Florida w/integrity & passion for their end products & we have built a connection that will last a life time. @horizonconversionvans

I couldn’t be happier, deep into my core w/my tiny home on wheels.

Within the past 10 months, I’ve traveled from South Florida to Southern Idaho, North Carolina and internationally to Baja, Mexico & stopped to visit all the states in between.

The opportunities I’ve had to facilitate Breathwork while on the road have been beyond my wildest dreams from the desert of Joshua Tree, the shores of the Sea of Cortez, the mountains of Idaho, city life in Austin & the beaches of Florida.

I’m in AWE of the adventures Olivia 🐶 & I have had & the amazing people we’ve met on the road.

I am beyond grateful for these gifts & the insurmountable support I received from my tribe! 💫


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