How Breathwork works.

3 part breath 3 part breathwork breathwork diaphragm dimethyltrytamine (dmt) emotions heart hormones parasympathetic nervous system reset breathwork Mar 31, 2023

Breathwork is a powerful modality that has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduced anxiety, and cultivate overall well-being. We activate the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve, which sends signals to deep parts of our subconscious mind when we take deep, intentional breaths. This activation can have a significant impact on our emotional and physical health, resulting in a new emotional reality.


The powerful use of the diaphragm through breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system.  When we breathe deeply, the diaphragm moves, stimulating the vagus nerve, which controls the parasympathetic nervous system. This activation can result in a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, providing the body with a sense of calm and relaxation.

Essential hormones

The sacral pump is another mechanism in the body that is activated by breathwork. This pump transports spinal fluid to the brain, where essential hormones that regulate sleep-wake cycles are found. The pineal gland, in particular, plays a crucial role in regulating these cycles by creating melatonin and serotonin.  When the pineal gland is stimulated, tryptophan, melatonin, serotonin, and dimethyltryptamine are released (DMT).

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

DMT is a powerful psychedelic substance that is naturally produced in the brain and is responsible for powerful experiences of altered states of consciousness. When the pineal gland is activated, which can happen through deep breathing and other meditative practices, this substance is released.

Nervous system

The autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts: the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) (SNS). The PSNS is in charge of rest and relaxation, whereas the SNS is in charge of the fight or flight response. When we activate the PSNS through breathwork, we create a state of deep relaxation that can help the body recover from the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

RESET breathwork

The 3 part breathwork method is an effective method for activating the PSNS and attaining an elevated state of being. This method uses a three-part conscious connect breathing pattern to promote deep relaxation and reset the nervous system. We can stimulate the vagus nerve and activate the sacral pump by breathing deeply and intentionally, resulting in hormone release and a profound sense of well-being.


Finally, breathwork is a powerful modality that can have a significant impact on both our emotional and physical health. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve, we can stimulate deep parts of our subconscious mind and body, leading to a new reality for the mind. The sacral pump and pineal gland are important in regulating our sleep-wake cycles and producing important hormones that promote well-being. We can promote deep relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and achieve an elevated state of being by incorporating the 3 part breathwork method into our daily routine.


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