Can Breathwork release trauma?

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Trauma can have a profound and long-lasting impact on an individual, generating feelings of powerlessness, reducing one's sense of self, and limiting one's ability to feel a wide range of emotions and experiences. It's important to remember that while trauma can be caused by many things—including physical or emotional abuse, accidents, natural disasters, and the death of a loved one—it manifests in different ways for different people.

Trauma and breathwork

As someone who has personally experienced trauma, I can attest to the effectiveness of breathwork as a technique for releasing trauma stored in the body. The three-part conscious connected breathing pattern, served as a catalyst for me to release and heal from past emotional abuse. I was able to tap into the deep-seated emotions and trauma that were held in my body by using the RESET breathwork. Being supported in a safe space with the guidance of my qualified facilitators, I could release those emotions that no longer served me and replace them with peace, confidence, and joy.

Physical and emotional self

With the help of breathwork, I was finally able to create a strong connection between my physical self and my emotional self. It has been a life-altering experience that changed me in profound ways. While breathwork isn't an instantaneous fix, it has been shown to improve people's capacity to feel safe enough to process and let go of unpleasant memories and emotions.

Research on breathwork

More and more research suggests that breathwork can be an effective method for releasing traumatic events. One study published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress found that holotropic breathwork, a type of breathwork that involves rapid, deep breathing and music, was associated with significant improvements in symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a group of veterans. Another study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that breathwork was associated with improvements in anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms among a group of women who had experienced sexual trauma.

Reducing traumatic stress

These results indicate that breathwork may be beneficial in reducing traumatic stress and enhancing psychological well-being. Recognizing that life is a journey of evolution and growth, it is crucial to maintain your mental health, which is the foundation of your total well-being. Taking care of unresolved trauma can lay the groundwork for improved psychological and physical health.


In conclusion, breathwork is an effective method for releasing the impact of trauma on the emotional and physical body. It is worth exploring as a means of connecting with the body and emotions to process and release past trauma.  In particular, the RESET breathwork method can be an effective step toward healing. Mental health is a core foundation to overall well-being, and taking steps to address past trauma is an important part of that journey. Remember, life is a journey of evolution and growth, and it's never too late to start the process of healing and creating a better future for yourself.


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