What happens during Breathwork?

3 part breath 3 part breathwork breathwork conscious mind mindset reset breathwork subconscious visualization Apr 04, 2023

Most of our decisions, actions, thoughts, and behaviors are based on our subconscious mind and its memories, and it is commonly known that 95% of our brain activity is unconscious. And the thing about our subconscious mind is that it remembers everything, from our childhood experiences to repressed memories, both good and bad. This means that the patterns, beliefs, and habits start to develop from birth and continue to form until the age of 13. This is a critical time in our development as it sets the foundation for how we perceive the world and ourselves. These patterns, beliefs, and habits have been stored in our subconscious and can have a significant impact on our lives.

Mindset work

Many people seek out mindset work in an effort to free themselves from destructive habits, ingrained ideas and beliefs, and limiting thought patterns. However, mindset work only utilizes about 5% of our brain power, our conscious mind. Breathwork is a method for tapping into the subconscious and is essential for making long-lasting changes.

Breathwork and the Subconscious mind

Breathwork is a powerful tool for accessing our subconscious mind via nerve signals from the body. We can create a state of relaxation and openness by intentionally breathing in a specific pattern in a particular way, allowing us to bypass our conscious mind and access our subconscious. This means that we can access memories and beliefs stored in our subconscious, allowing us to break free from old patterns, stuck mindsets, and limiting beliefs.

3 part Breathwork method

Breathwork involves using deliberate breathing patterns as a means of connecting with our unconscious mind.  The 3 part Breathwork method, for example, involves breathing in a specific pattern that includes a 3 part conscious connected breathing pattern, all done in and out through the mouth. This breathing pattern has been shown to alleviate stress, boost energy, and promote feelings of well-being. It also enables us to gain access to our subconscious mind and let go of old patterns and beliefs.


Another way that breathwork can assist us in accessing our subconscious is through visualization. When we combine our breathwork practice with visualization, we can tap into the power of our subconscious mind and affect powerful, long-lasting change. We can, for example, visualize ourselves breaking free from old patterns and beliefs, letting go of negative emotions, and embracing new, positive thoughts and habits.


Finally, our subconscious mind holds the key to bringing about genuine, long-term change in our lives. While mindset work can be beneficial, it only uses 5% of our brain power. To effect real change, we must first gain access to our subconscious mind, and breathwork is a powerful tool for doing so. We can access our subconscious and release old patterns, stuck mindsets, and limiting beliefs by intentionally breathing in a specific pattern and using visualization. So, if you desire to make real, long-term changes, I suggest implementing breathwork into your life.


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